UCSD-BSSC Slack Workspace

We have created a Slack workspace (UCSD-BSSC). This is an unmonitored space for UCSD STEM Graduate Students who self-identify as BIPOC to connect and discuss issues facing under-represented students on campus, with a focus on Graduate School.

In addition to connecting people spread across campus, this forum is meant to help address the lack of avenues for BIPOC graduate students to deal with the broad range of injustices that they may face that fall outside the scope of the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD). This is NOT an incident reporting system. It is a support network to help students vent, process these injustices, and discuss potential solutions.

This is not a public forum. To access the UCSD-BSSC Slack Workspace, you must receive a personal invitation. Please email Dr. Matthew Banghart (mbanghart at you know the drill) with a very short description of your position (MS or PhD student in which lab, in which department, and which grad program), and your general interest in joining the BSSC Slack workspace, using your ucsd email address.